Why do 100 miles when we can do just a little bit more?

Those living everyday with type one diabetes always have to do just a little bit more! They can’t eat food without counting carbs and giving themselves insulin. They have to always have supplies with them in the event of high or low blood sugar. When exercising, they have to be prepared in case their blood sugar drops. Parents of children with type one have to check their child’s blood sugar while they sleep. Diabetics have to endure thousands of needle injections to keep them alive. Type one diabetes is not easy. Neither is completing 101 miles.

Let’s go the distance to support type one diabetics by completing this challenge May 1st - June 14th.

 Walk, run, ride a bike... just get moving!

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All ages and abilities are welcome.
We encourage you to invite family and friends to join you in this event. Adults aim for 101 miles, children under 12 aim for 50! All finishers will receive a Cellmates On the Run t-shirt and certificate.

Want to do even a little more? 

Set up a fundraising page through GoFundMe to raise funds for a functional cure. Click here!


We run to advance diabetes research.


The Chicago Diabetes Project brings individuals together to achieve a common goal: cure diabetes. Your registration fee goes directly to advance diabetes research. Together, every mile brings us closer to a functional cure for diabetes. 

Will you choose to challenge yourself and help outrun diabetes?

Learn more at chicagodiabetesproject.org.

If you can't fly then run,
if you can't run then walk,
if you can't walk then crawl,
but whatever you do
you have to keep moving forward.
-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


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